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Jul 5

Email Is Crushing Twitter, Facebook for Selling Stuff Online | Wired Business |

Create an outstanding personality. A strong and distinctive brand voice motivates its intended audiences by directly addressing their requirements.


Too often a brand’s messages are unclear and untargeted, with little tying them to its customers’ priorities. The “we’re great, use us” approach cannot differentiate your brand or facilitate true audience engagement.


Your audience trusts their colleagues and friends more than they trust you. They’re your influencers, advocates and ambassadors. Don’t use Social Media to advertise to them, use it as an engagement tool.

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10 great email marketing infographics via @Econsultancy

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Jun 6

Creating HTML Emails

Creating HTML Emails: An Overview for Web Designers #html #design #marketing (via @w2e)

Linkedin. 100 million members and counting…

9/10 shoppers prefer to buy in-store than online, researching online first. 1/5 Tesco customers do their online shopping via mobile phone.

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Social Media marketing agency confuses their client accounts with their personal accounts. Oops…

Some SM stats


Smart phone ownership: Men 38% // Women 29%
Facebook users: Men 52% // Women 60%
Shop in-appMen 14% // Women 8%
Use price comparison sites: Men 27% // Women: 19%