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"My answer on Quora in response to a tweet about my LinkedIn update from Facebook…"

"My answer on Quora in response to a tweet about my LinkedIn update from Facebook…"

Sep 1

Timely, relevant content

We’re all connected 24/7, knowledge is power, so personalised communication essential. Just how do you go about finding out what your customers, current and potential, are interested in?

You’re already monitoring your web site’s stats, but those metrics don’t tell even half the story. After all, customers sit behind firewalls, spam filters and security settings that mean when they do hit your web site you don’t know it’s them. They’re constantly browsing and downloading, bookmarking, tagging and forwarding and you don’t really know - other than from aggregated results amongst whom your targets are but a few - what they’re interested in.

There are two solutions to gaining this knowledge, the first more obvious (and easy) than the second:

  1. Use social networking sites. Give customers a platform (such as a Facebook group) and actively encourage participation to create a community, monitor (tweet hashtags and tagged blog posts) and respond as you would for any customer service interaction, and incentivise to encourage followers and email sign-ups
  2. Create a smart phone app. If they’re getting their news, offers, updates, commentary and opinion through and from you, you can profile all you like, and act accordingly, when you like. You’ll know precisely what they looked at, and when. btw, this option is not as expensive as you’re thinking it is…

They’re your customers. And they’re a subset of all your potential customers too, so the benefits are wide-ranging, feeding into your broader online messaging. Then, when you have this valuable information send them customised updates and/or offers. Then monitor those responses with RoI Tracking. And learn and repeat. That way you’ll continue to have the highest chance of succeeding.